Jews Act Like Non-Jews!

During the history of Jewish people, in nation after nation, they have endured   brutality and hatred. My grandfather was beaten by a mob as Russian troops stood by and laughed at the incident. Fast forward to Israel in the year of 2012 and discover how Jews in Israel are no different than the anti-Semites of Russia. A video released by the Israel group, B’Tselem, shows Jewish settlers marching to the Palestinian village of Yitzler while throwing stones and setting fires.

The video which is on Youtube depicts Jewish settlers with a pistol and a rifle who are firing at Palestinians while Jewish police and troops stand by watching the event. “The video footage raises grave accusations that the soldiers present did not act to prevent the settlers from  throwing stones and firing live ammunition at the Palestinians.”s

The settler organization responded to these accusations by arguing that soldiers arrived to prevent Palestinians from setting fire to their own village. Of course, the question is why are there Jewish settlers in a Palestinian village? There is no report of any Palestinian with a weapon in hand, but there is visual evidence of Jews with weapons firing upon Palestinians.

The bottom line is that Jewish settlers on the West Bank are no different than Cossacks who beat and killed Jews in Russia. Jews in Israel have met the enemy and he is them!

  • Maria Belaev

    Just look at the orientation. THe settlers are closer to the fire. As soon as the Arabs stop throwing rocks (pretty violent) they run towards the fire. Is that an arsonists’ behavior?
    The incident occured on a Jewish Sabbath. Even if they wanted to set a fire, they would have chosen another day, trust me.

  • Maria Belaev

    Btw, betselem LOVES to accuse the settlers of violence. This is their job. THey are the watch dog. But you get media taking their accusations out of context, making the settlers look even worse. Betselem should pay more attention to how they are used by sloppy reporters. I almost feel the media has some kind of quota to fill on alleged settler violence. As for Betselem… they need to understand that bringing the point accross at the expence of destorting the truth does not make them ethical. This is just of many examples.

    I am hoping Betselem will have the decency not to take their video off. Even if they do, i am sure people made copies already, I did make many screen shots. Feel free to ask.

  • Maria Belaev

    If you actually DO look carefully at the betselem video you can see a little bit more. You can CLEARLY see there that the settlers are EXTINGUISHING the fires, and it is THEY WHO ARE UNDER ATTACK. (The three guys and the soldiers are actually defending the guys who are extinguishing!) Look carefully at the shot 1:11 for example.

  • Fred Stopsky

    The bottom line is:

    1. the Israel government has seized land owned by Palestinians.
    2.As someone raised in America when anti-semitism was common, I understand that anti-Palestinians is common in Israel society. Do you wish to argue that Israel Muslims have equal rights to Jewish Israelis?
    3. The Netanyahu demand that Palestinians recognize the “Jewish state” violates international law. About 20% of Israelis are NOT Jews so how can Palestinians recognize the “Jewish State.” By the way there is not a single example in the world in which other nations must recognize the religion of another state. This is simply another example of Bibi raising false issues.
    4. As a Jew of east European Socialist background, to be a Jew means fighting for the rights of all oppressed people and how can you deny that Palestinians lack equal rights??