Jews Divided

There is an old cliché that if two Jews meet and have a conversation they will come up with at least three opinions on any topic. We Jews so love to argue and dispute, anything and anywhere. After the Holocaust ended there were only a few thousand Jews left in Germany, but in the ensuing years thousands have entered the land that  once was the scene of great sorrow. Once the Soviet Union allowed Jews to leave thousands headed for Germany which they now regarded as a safer and more hospital land than the Soviet Union which practiced official anti-Semitism.

It is not surprising that eventually a clash arose in Germany between the Russian immigrants and those from other areas of western Europe. There is now a Jewish Community in Berlin which has its own Parliament. The community is wracked by angry factions each of which claims the other is corrupt. Gideon Joffe, chair of the Community has been described as a “dictator” and one Holocaust survivor claims he is just  like a guard in a death camp.

Jews, Jews, we so love a good argument.