Jews Going To Hell Says Baptist Minister

A Baptist minister admitted telling Jewish leaders that Jews were “going to hell” and would confront a fate “worse than the Holocaust” because they had not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. Pastor Kevin Harris of the Illawarra Community Church in Wollongong, Australia, insists his comments were taken out of context and that he was “misunderstood and misquoted” because he meant anyone who rejected Christ was headed for damnation in the eternal fires of Hell, not just the Jews. Gee, that is reassuring to any Jew, but it must be scary to anyone who falls into the going to hell category.

According to the good pastor, he made his comments in private, and explained, “I love the Jewish people and very much that some awful times were coming for them, but I did not wish that up them at all.” What can one say about a man with such generosity of spirt as to wish you a neat time in Hell? I am certain Mr. Harris will extend a warm welcome to any Jew who winds up in Hell.

  • Paul O’Shea

    This guy also loves Catholics so much that he and his congregation gate crashed World Youth Day in order to hand out tracts warning of impending doom and eternal hellfire unless Catholics repent of their supersitions etc and embrace the Truth (as taught by them). So I guess hell is going to be a pretty exciting place – all the interesting people are going to be there! Heaven sounds as though it will be very, very dull. Seriously, most Australians have never heard of Kevin Harris, and most probably don’t care for his brand of religion since most Australians are not particularly impressed with US style fundamentalist evangelical Christianity. So Pastor Kevin and his mob will continue to enjoy obscurity. Still, it doesn’t make what they are doing right or ethical OK.