Jews, Jews, Jews, They Are Taking Over America!!

Pat Buchanan, noted scholar, diplomat and political leader has always been at the forefront of identifying problems in America which require action in order to preserve all that is wonderful about the nation. He worries about immigrants, he worries about blacks getting elected as president, he worries about women demanding equal rights, he worries about some Puerto Rican on the Supreme Court and now he is really worried about all them damn Jews on the highest court in the land. “If Kagan is confirmed, Jews who represent less than 2% of the US population, will have 33% of the Supreme Court seats.” He wants to know how come there will not be a WASP in the entire mix of justices.

Mr, Buchanan is a noted conservative Catholic who also worries about changes in his church. There are currently six Catholic Supreme Court justices (66%) although Catholics only constitute about 26% of the American population. If Pat doesn’t want the nation to stand pat on non-WASPs on the Court, why doesn’t he recommend having two Catholic justices resigning in order to save America from them Catholics and Jews!!

  • Mogen David

    I don’t see the Catholics lobbying to suck the U.S. taxpayer out of 6 Billion a year for the Vatican! But the JEWS must have an “entitlement” for their parasite Israel that will only end when America is bankrupt, and then they advance to taking over the world with them the Rulers, and the Goyim to be penned, sheared, and slaughtered.