Jews, Muslims, Christians Unite Against Common Enemy

In the genre of science fiction a common theme is the presence of a foreign entity which compels people of the world to unite because only by forgetting what separates them will they be able to halt the invasion from outer space. The city of Jerusalem is now the scene of Muslims, Jews, and Christians working together in order to stem the tide of a common enemy– gays and lesbians. The annual gay parade next week has aroused the fury of religious right wing fundamentalists who regard the very thought of gays and lesbians as an abomination and anathema to core Biblical beliefs. The High Court of Justice ruled gays and lesbians have a right to march and this event will be guarded by 2,000 police who hope to ensure there is no violence along the four city block march.

Gays and lesbians insist they have the right of free speech and the march is a symbol of tolerance and pluralism. Ariel Atla, a resident told the Jerusalem Post, “there is no reason to make problems–there are enough problems without them.” However, Olga Biyudin, who works in a bank, argued, “Jerusalem is for all the people in the world.”

The anti-gay parade organization proves that Jews and Muslims can cooperate and work together since all they need is a common enemy. The trick is creating a common good that would bring together these diverse groups. Anyone have one?

  • Maural Ragin

    I could care less if gay people choose to walk in line together and identify themselves primarily as gay people; however, I would point out that the, ahem, “multi-faith” protest you describe would obviously stem from core Qu’ranic beliefs, not only Biblical ones. In addition, perhaps some protesters are not particularly religious; religious belief is not the determining factor for many who don’t like those they perceive as being different from themselves in some way or another.