Jews OK Says Pope

Finally, I can sleep peacefully now that I know we Jews did not kill Jesus Christ. Pope Benedict XVI issued a statement which proves Jews, as a whole, are not responsible for the death of this Jewish guy. OK, so, now that I know Jews did not kill him, the question remains –who did kill Jesus? Or, one could pose, was there really a killing? After all, CSI never investigated this murder so we really do not posses forensic evidence anyone was killed.

After reflecting on the issue of who killed Christ, I have concluded:

1. Jesus was a Jew so he must have been killed by a non-Jew.
2. There were a bunch of non-Jews around who were known as “Christians” so there is the possibility one of them killed the Jewish guy.
3. Of course, there are always Muslims to blame. So, you raise the minor point that the Muslim religion had yet to emerge. But, if we can’t find anyone to blame, it stands to reason, it must be some Muslim.