Jews Own The World Shout Settlers!

I come from a Jewish family who fought against Christian mobs seeking to destroy their homes and shops in dear old Poland and Russia. I come from Polish Jews who witnessed on their return from the death camps mobs of Polish Christians who had stolen their homes during the Holocaust and would not return their property. So, what can I say about Jews in the West Bank who take land and homes from Palestinians?

Hundreds o f so-called “Jews” marched in protest at plans to demolish homes built on Palestinian land and return this property to their lawful owners. The Israel Supreme Court ordered demolition of homes built on Palestinian land. So, what do these “Jews” seek-retroactive legalization of seizure of Palestinian land! As Yoel Fatal, owner of Palestinian land puts it: “we will work with all our strength to resolve this issue so people can sleep at peace tonight.”

Yes, the criminal is upset that lawful owners of  property want their property!!