Jews Went To Miami, Not To Gas Ovens!

Thank God, an Iranian cleric has finally spoken up to the world about the myth of this thing termed, the Holocaust. Markarem Shirzazi had the courage to speak the truth about the so-called Holocaust which he termed as “nothing but superstition, but Zionists say that people of the world should be forced to accept this.” He also had the guts to point out “Jews have created it to pose as victims” and if anyone dares to really investigate the story of this sham, “they jail the researchers.” Well, this researcher is not going to be fazed by the Mossad or any other such Jewish vigilante group. Let the world examine the facts:

1. There were 15 million Jews in Europe in 1939.
2. In 1945 there were 9 million.

So, what do these figures mean? Did six million Jews really get killed during this time period? Again, let us look at the facts:

1. The population of Miami Beach rose dramatically during this time period which indicates Jews from Europe headed for the sunny clime of Florida. After all, where would a Jew rather be–in an east European village of bathing on the beach of Miami?
2. Is it any coincidence that reports of alien space ships began to emerge during this time when supposedly Jews were being killed in Europe? My secret sources reveal the US government had documents which prove millions of Jews left on space ships during this time period as a fascinating move to confuse the world into believing Jews were killed.
3. Have you taken a good look at President Ahmadinejad of Iran? Gaze closely and you will be able to uncover his “JEWISH FEATURES!” Hundred of thousands of Jews fled to Iran where they disguised themselves as imams and Muslim clerics. The more Muslims claim there was no Holocaust the more people believe there was. Any coincidence?
4. Let’s face it, if Jews are as clever as Christians and Muslims claim, wouldn’t they escape to California or to Australia or some southern climate rather than hanging around cold east Europe.

P.S. You will not be able to contact me during the coming year as I am heading back home to the planet of Xul and report how our plot to save the Jews is working.