Jews Who Welcome Hatred

I was raised in an Orthodox Jewish family which had left Russia and Poland to escape hatred and discimination. As a member of the US  armed forces, I was physically assulted because I was Jewish. My cousin who was on Omaha Beach in June, 1944 recalled constant attacks on Jews by fellow soldiers. Fast forward to 2013 and find yourself in  Israel. Read the following examples from Jews about Jewish hatred of Arabs:

Revital Wolkow, who teaches history had her car vandalized because she had an Arab women in it.

Several Jewish teenage girls asked a woman standing by a bus stop if she was an Arab and when she responded that she was, they pulled off her hijab and kicked the woman while police stood by and did nothing.

An Arab waiter was beaten by a customer who shouted at him, “damn Arab.”

Youth attacked an Arab cleaning man and broke a bottle over his head and when he asked why, they responded, “because you’re an Arab.”

There are, literally, hundreds of such stories which depict people who once were the object of hate and death now feel comfortable giving back such behavior to those who  are unable to defend themselves. No, this is NOT the Holocaust. YES, it is a side of Judaism that is horrible and insulting to Jews who once experienced such actions.

Israelis have met the enemy and he is them!