Jews Without Consciences

There are people who claim to be Jews and there are people who actually are Jews. We Jews have encountered hate and prejudice for over 2,000 years so it is only normal for a JEW to oppose hate and violence against those who  can not defend themselves. A Jewish-Arab bilingual school and a Christian monastery in Jerusalem were defaced with graffiti saying, “Death to Arabs” and “Kahane Was Right.” The Monastery received a “Death to Christian” comment by those claimingt to be Jews. The bilingual school contains Jewish and  Arab students who work together in a symbol of peace and brotherhood.

Nadia Knani, principal of the elementary school was horrified at such expressions of anger towards “young children from ages 3 to 18(who) study       together in coexistence.”  Most probably the expressions were written by Jewish West Bank settlers who claim a personal relation with God.

Who are these West Bank creatures of hate? They cerrtainly are NOT Jews. I suspect they would fit into a Nazi society quite well.