Jews Without Judaism

A mob of young Israeli Jewish youth attacked a group of young Palestinians, caught one boy and beat the hell out of him. They felt something said insulted “Jewish honor” which enabled Jewish teenagers to grab a 17 year old Palestinian boy and beat him so badly that he was sent to a hospital. The original nation of Israel was founded by men and women who had exerienced the horror of anti-semitism in Europe and wanted to create a society in which all were equal before the law. The original group has been replaced by religious fanatics who are filled with thoughts that God has made Jews his Chosen People. They interpret “Chosen People” to mean those who can do what they please, grab land from others, and always justify actions   on ground they are the “Chosen People.”

I, like original founders of Israel, interpret “Chosen People” to mean we Jews must set an example of being decent loving people who oppose all forms of oppression and prejudice. An Israel group known as Lahava, believes just the opposite. They are distribuing leaflets which warn Arabs. “Our girls are dear to us, just like you don’t want a Jew to date your sister, we aren’t willing to  allow an Arab to date one of our women.”

The assumption of such hatred is that women need guidance– from religious fanatics, as to whom they can or should date. Men like Lahava leader, Bentz Gupstein, praise mob action. I hate to tell this non-Jew, but in human history Jews were the beaten ones.

It is increasingly clear many Israeli Jews should migrate to the state of Missouri and live with other religious fanatics who have adopted a God of Hate