Jews Without Memory

I am old enough to remember the dark days of the 1930s when Jews attemped to flee from certain death. They were denied entry by many European nations who made clear that if you were a Jew, take your chances in Nazi Germany. The United States did NOT open its doors to those seeking to avoid death. One would assume that Jews in 2012 would remember those days of fear and ensure they would not inflict similar terror for those fleeing from death.

The Israel government does not have a reparation agreement with the Islamic dictatorship of Sudan. Thus it can not deport Sudan immigrants who came to Israel in hope of finding a decent life for their families. The Israel government has reclassified those immigrants and awarded them citizenship in the nation of South Sudan. Thus, they can be repatriated.

I realize Israelis complain their government can not take in all fleeing from poverty. Of course, in the 1930s, the constant complaint by European nations who denied entry to German Jews was the inability to absorb refugees during a Depression. Sorry, Israel does not have a  Depression. The Israel society will not be significantly impacted by immigrants who do the dirty work that native born Israelis will not do.