Jihad Center In Stockholm Funded By Swedish Government!

A youth recreation center in a Stockholm suburb has become a recruiting center for Somalia immigrant youth in order to lure them into serving with the terrorist group al-Shabaab. The center was begun by a mosque which received $70,000 from the Stockholm sports administration. The sports administration leader was shocked to learn what was happening to government money that supposedly was to encourage athletic activities. “It’s horrible. There was no suggestion of this when we had contact with the association when it was created.”However, a recruiter for al-Shabaab has been showing young people images of war victims, decapitated heads and other gruesome scenes in order to encourage Somalia immigrant youth to head back home in order to participate in the civil war. There are reports at least 20 young men were recruited and some are dead.

The wife of a man who was recruited told a newspaper reporter in reference to the center and recruiting, ” I see it as part of our religion.” One suspects Swedish citizens do not agree with that interpretation of money allocated for sports activities.