Jihad In North Carolina!!

Homeland Security devotes extensive resources and energy in the struggle to prevent foreign born terrorists from entering the nation. Heck, we still take off our shoes in an airport because several years ago a terrorist on an airplane attempted to light his own. Yesterday, in the quaint terrorist locale of Raleigh, North Carolina, a man, his sons and four others were arrested on charges of planning a jihad here in America. Daniel Patrick Boyd. who two decades ago trained in terrorist camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan and went on to fight Soviet troops in Afghanistan, converted to the Muslim religion and persuaded his sons to join him in a holy war against the infidels. The group is charged with providing material support to terrorism.

Boyd left his Raleigh mosque because it was too moderate and gathered around him a group that wanted to do strike a blow against those who represent the evil West. Boyd’s mother who lives in Maryland termed news about the jihad, “weird to me.” Most probably it is equally weird to neighbors and friends of the man who harbors anger at those who do not fit his definition of being a “good Muslim.”

Since we have to remove our shoes because of some nut case on a plane, does news about Boyd mean we no longer can travel to North Carolina?