Jihad Is Just My Name

A three year old boy appeared one day at his nursery school wearing a tee shirt that said: “I am a bomb: Jihad, born on September 11.” People in the small French village were horrified at this open display at violence to their fair community. I gather they checked his diaper in case it contained a bomb. The mother was charged in court with glorifying the Islamic terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. Mom argued that her son was born on September 1 and that she was merely signifying the fact that Jihad was a common name in the Arab world. Her brother gave her son the tee shirt.

A court discharged this silly attempt to convict someone of naming their son, Jihad and making a reference to the attack on the World Trade Center. Certainly, there are more important issues dealing with crime than what a three year old wears on his tee shirt.

Of course, in the name of security, make certain the child’s diaper is checked each day for a bomb.