Jihad Jane Justifies Jerky Ideas!

In my childhood, we had a wonderful toy named, GI Joe, but today, in many parts of the Muslim world they will soon have a toy named, Jihad jane. Her real name is Collen LaRose and she is involved with a group of fellow idiots who want to kill the Swedish cartoonist, Lars Vilks, for the crime of drawing a cartoon that depicts the Prophet Mohammed as a dog. Over the past year, Jihad Jane has been recruiting people over the Internet to help her kill this enemy of Muslims who draws cartoons. Of course, other enemies of Muslims who keep people in poverty, who prevent modern medical assistance or who sanction “honor killings” of women are not as dangerous according to Ms. Jihad. A cartoonist is the real enemy.

In one sense this group of incompetent fools, who most probably could not plan a Ramadan gathering, are symptoms of what bedevils the Muslim world. The over-concern for cartoonists, and the under-concern for social justice is what prevents Muslim nations from economically and politically progressing.

Is Lars Vilks an evil man? He is a cartoonist and like most such artists he lives in a world of metaphors which sometimes backfire and the joke is not funny. In that case, ignore the man, don’t sit around plotting violence. If he were to be killed, Vilks would become a folk hero and his work would spread throughout the world. Most bad jokes lie flat and die on their own.