Jim And Jane Crow Not Invited To Election Party

I have been voting in elections for over sixty years and it is difficult recalling during that time period worries about election fraud. In my youth , it WAS common to refer to Irish politicians in New York City or Boston or Chicago who provided the means for Irish voters to vote more than once–for Irish politicians up for election. Of course, prior to laws in the 1950s that ended restrictive policies in the South which prevented denying the right to vote to those whose skins were somewhat dark, the topic seems to have die down. But, we now have a new Republican Party whose Tea Party supporters intend to end voter fraud. The figure for voter fraud in the 2012 presidential election in which over 120,000,000 voted was less than two hundred ballots. Of course, if these two hundred Democratic ballots had not been counted for Barack Obama, it is quite clear that Mitt Romney would now be sitting in the Oval Office. Consider the ramifications when TWO HUNDRED BALLOTS are cast by those who were not qualified to vote!!

Since there is no problem about voting it is only natural for Republicans in Congress and state legislatures to focus on the non-problem. Your state needs to fix bridges or fix up roads, who has time for that! Oh, my God, in our state there were 25 fraudulent votes cast!! In North Carolina, HB589 intends to prevent fraud. There will be fewer days to cast ballots, there will be fewer voting booths, there will be no same day registration, and certainly, fewer hours to vote. This is part of the Republican drive for voter honesty. For Rosanell Eaton, age 93, it sure recalls the good-old-days when whites made certain that dark skinned people did not intrude on the white only voting day!