Jimmy Carter, A Real American

Jimmy Carter has spent his post presidency years being described as a failure. He did lose the 1980  election to Ronald Reagan, the man who spoke very well, and acted very poorly. People like Obama still refer to Reagan as a successful president. Ron assumed the presidency when the National Debt was $900 Trillion and left when it was now $2 Trillion 800 Billion. He helped destroy labor unions and reduced taxes on the wealthy. Carter was honest, not an excellent idea for a president.

1. He warned of global warming and urged reduction on oil use.

2.  He did not send our national debt sky high.

3. He remains the only American president who actually negotiated a peace treaty between Israel and Arab nations.

Carter spent his post presidency working with the poor, he works to eradicate disease throughout the world.  He has negotiated with North Korea, and obtained an agreement that was ended by George Bush. He never used being president as a means of making money. A good man.