Jimmy Carter– Mbeki A Disaster On Zimbabwe

Former President Jimmy Carter blasted Thabo Mbeki, the ousted president of South Africa, for his failure to do anything other than spout nonsense concerning the tragedy in Zimbabwe. In theory, Mbeki was supposed to be a go between for the Southern African Development Community in the effort to resolve the conflict in Zimbabwe. Carter pulled no punches by saying, “I think he’s (Mbeki) always been in bed with Mugabe pretty much, and pretty timid about contradicting his old friend, who was one of the first revolutionary fighters who was successful in southern Africa.” But, today, the old revolutionary has become a new kleptomaniac who steals from his own people and rewards cronies and those in his government. What can one say about a man who claims to love his country, and has created a cholera epidemic which has taken 2,800 lives and left 50,000 infected?

Carter believes the only solution is for the Southern African Development Community to use its political and economic power to force Mugabe from office. Unfortunately, leaders of that group are a bunch of cowards who avoid hurting the feelings of the old revolutionary even if it means the current Zimbabwean population has to suffer.