Jimmy Carter Speaks The Truth!

Jimmy Carter is not among the most beloved former presidents of the United States because of his comments on the need for peace in the Middle East, but he is the only ex=president around who does not wander the world seeking handouts in the guise of $100,000 speech payments. He has devoted himself to the cause of peace, and while many, including me, do not always agree with his views, he is to be respected for his fight in the cause of peace. Carter, a southerner, expressed his horror at the undignified, boorish behavior of Congressman Joe Wilson. “I think it’s based on racism. There is an inherent feeling among many Americans that an African American should not be the president.”

Those who opposed George Bush did not shout in Congress while he spoke, “you lie,” even though the evidence was overwhelming that he did lie–about the WMD, torture, etc.. Wilson’s remarks are the proverbial tip of the iceberg of hate and anger that an African American(who was never even born in America!) is now the president. The outbursts of Tea Party ranters reflects deep seated emotions which have nothing to do with issues, and everything to do with who Barack Obama is.

Joe Wilson’s son shouts there is not a racist bone in the body of his father. He is correct on that point. No one said the racism was in his body, it’s in his head. Ironically, the Joe Wilson’s of today who shout about the rising national debt were remarkably silent when George Bush doubled the national debt!