Jimmy Carter, The Last Decent US President

Former President Jimmy Carter frequently is cited as a failed leader of this nation. He is the subject of jokes and disparagement. Carter attempted to alert the nation about issues of global warming, he fought for human rights,  he was not interested in military confrontations. For some, “tough guys,” he was a wimp unlike bellicose Ronald Reagan. Carter is the only  president who left the Oval Office and went on to make gobs of money.

Carter is shocked by actions of George Bush and Barack Obama who have consistently engaged in violation of human rights in the name of -fighting terrorism.” Of course, “terrorism” is a tactic, not an enemy. It is a tactic utilized by opponents of American foreign policy. Carter rightfully notes that attacks on human rights after 9/11 have been “sanctioned and escalated by bipartisan executive and legislative actions without dissent from the general public.”

Sorry, but Carter is  correct. The American public allowed hysteria about a “war on terrorism” to take over common sense. The UN Declaration of Human Rights outlines what civilized societies should pursue. As Carter notes,”it is disturbing that instead of strengthening these principles, our government’s counter-terrorism policiers now clearly violate at least 10 of the Declarations 30     articles.”

The election of Mitt Romney will only make the situation worse. Barack Obama has failed to lead this nation along the path of morality. He might argue there was need to use drone attacks, there was need to torture prisoners, there was need to bomb and bomb–always justified by fear of terrorism. If I become as my enemy is, then what am I? We Americans met terrorists and became them.

  • dahszil

    I agree he was the last decent president. One of his few failures was letting kissinger like meglomaniac Zbigniew Brzezinski let him have is way in creating al qaeda in Afghanistan. I am polish but unlike Z and some others who was one of those Poles who had a pathological hatred of Russia.