Jimmy Carter

It is common among many Jews in the United States of America and Israel to regard former President Jimmy Carter with disdain and accuse him of hating Israel and hating Jews. There is no question some of his ideas offend large numbers of people. He advocates a peace treaty between Israel and an independent nation of Palestine. He is critical of settlers on the West Bank who take land belonging to Arabs and transform these areas into Jewish settlements. Of course, he deplores acts of violence on the part of either Israelis or Palestinians. In other words, he has this horrible idea that both sides have not always behaved in a civilized manner to the other. At no time, has he ever argued against the existence of the state of Israel and praises the country for its democratic traditions.

Here is the bottom line any and all Jews should examine. Jimmy Carter IS THE ONLY AMERICAN PRESIDENT WHO ACTUALLY NEGOTIATED A TREATY BETWEEN ISRAEL AND AN ARAB NATION. THAT is a fact! No American soldiers died during his watch. After leaving the presidency, he did not seek riches from the business world, but devoted his life to aiding the poor.

What a terrible man.