Job killing Bill Kills Logic

It is increasing clear that Democrats suffer from something we Republicans term, “liberal logic.” We Republicans introduced a bill whose name is : “Job Killing Health Care Bill” whose goal is to make Americans sicker and jobless. I realize there are Democrats who seek to change the name of the bill to “Job Destroying Health Care” bill in order to make certain one of those nut cases who are stirred to action by the LIBERAL MEDIA does not take his gun and kill someone, Let me explain the reason we Republicans must kill the Health care bill. As the title indicates it is a job killing bill which will end millions of jobs. I understand that Democrats argue provisions in the bill provide for small business to use tax credits in order to hire more workers, but if they take tax credits then our deficit rises. OK, so Democrats will bring up the tax reduction plan we pushed through Congress. A tax reduction plan sponsored by Republicans is, by definition, a job creating bill. For example, if deficits rise and business reduces jobs, then people have to go to businesses which loan money at an outrageous rate– in other words, we are creating jobs in these new business enterprises.

I hope those reading these words understand when we Republicans say “job killing” we simply mean that any bill sponsored by Democrats that turns out to be successful would kill jobs of lobbyists for the healthcare industry. So, if you care about America, if you care about creating jobs for healthcare lobbyists, support the job-killing bill which ends health care and thus places more people at the mercy of healthcare companies.