Job Prospects Rise for Elderly Australians

A recent study suggests that the Australian government has to reverse policies of early retirement and encourage the elderly to work longer. The study points out that many nations including America, Japan, and the European Union are shifting policies in order to encourage the elderly to continue working or to take up new careers after retiring from their initial occupation. The study noted that employment for those 55-64 in Australia was 26.3% and it should be moved up to at least 50%.

This study is one of many that deal with employment opportunities for the elderly. As a 76 year-old geezer I am particularly fascinated by the topic. On one hand, I hate the idea of ceasing to work, but I am also aware that many men and women spent their lives engaged in hard physical labor that may have impacted their health. I believe in such situations, people who have gone through such physical hardships are entitled to rest, if they so desire. Living in post-industrial society, I am aware how few people with whom I work have ever been compelled to engage in difficult physical labor. I have this tremendous admiration for those who work with their hands at back-breaking occupations, and believe when these people reach their fifties, justice requires they be granted excellent retirement benefits and they should be able to enjoy a life of rest. I suspect many of them are like me, who want to continue working. But, there are also people who are physically broken and they need time off.
Information from The Age, Australia