Jobs For Job Creators

Among the most central beliefs of those who regard themselves as members of the Republican party is that by reducing taxes on “Job Creators,” the result will be more jobs for those who are not job creators. I assume prior to sleep members of the Republican party get on their knees and utter a special blessing for the men and women who fall under the classification of being “Job Creators.” for some strange reason, as the economy improves and unemployment grows fewer, the wage rates of those seeking jobs continues to remain stable of decline. In other words, the average American worker in 1980 could purchase a home, send his children to college and have them emerge with a degree and NO STUDENT DEBT. That was then, and now is now. At present, the top 1% of Job Creators possess 22% ofd our wealth and the top 5% control 42% of our wealth. Heck, there are 85 families in America who have more money than 100,000,000 Americans.

So, the Republican House of Representatives just passed bills that reduce taxes on Job Creators. Of course, if there is less money flowing into the government, there is less money to pay bills, and thus the end result is HIGHER DEBT. The estimate of these tax cuts will be $287 BILLION more in debt for America. Oh, I know, we can pay for these tax cuts by ending Food Stamps. It is impossible for Republican congressmen to grasp the simple concept, less coming in, fewer dollars to pay bills, and this causes borrowing of money and higher debt!

The only increase in jobs due to efforts of job creators is the growing number of workers building yachts or private planes. Of course, the more job creators, the more nannies working long hours. As for the rest of us….