Jobs, Jobs, But Republicans Unhappy

There was an election several months ago in the United States of America and one, Mitt Romney insisted that if a Democrat was elected the economy would collapse and gloom and disaster ensue for the American people. Mitt insisted the only solution for prosperity was to reduce taxes on the wealthy, reduce the size of the American government and ignore the plight of ordinary Americans since at least 47% of them were simply a bunch of lazy, shiftless moochers. Mitt lost and expressed his disappointment at failure of Americans to recognize that their destiny  was in the hands of our wealthy leaders.

Latest figures indicate that 195,000 new  jobs were created and estimates of prior months suggest that earlier figures have to be revised–upward. Of course, Republicans in the House of Representatives continue insisting that Obama economics is the road to serfdom. Only members of the Republican party believe that figures can not be believed– instead, believe in ideology.