Jobs Rise In July, Mitt Upset

July figures reveal a rise of 163,poo new jobs, but Mitt Romney is upset at failure to create millions of new jobs. OK, so government employees continue to be fired, but Mitt believes this figure must be increased. Let me explain the Romney job plan:

1. Cut tax rates  on the top 5% of Americans from 35% to 20 %.

2. This will give those with money gobs of new money.

3. With this new money, those with wealthy will hire maids, nannies, butlers, and those building yachts.

4. This explosion of work will sharply reduce the unemployment figure.

5. After Food Stamps are ended, the newly starving class of Americans will be willing to work for $5 an hour. They will head for the peach and strawberry fields of America and give jobs to God fearing Americans.

6. Future economists will refer to this job explosion as the “Nannization of America!”

And, Mitt promises to sing “America the Beautiful” to those having their evening meal at the church free food give away.