Joe and John-Keystone Cops In Afghanistan

Joe Lieberman and his buddy, John McCain are in Afghanistan and we assume they are there to share a profound knowledge of war and fighting terrorists that both men possess. John McCain is an incredibly brave man who endured torture, but being a POW during a war does not necessarily translate into knowing much about military strategy. Little Joe, who would stab his mother in the back to get elected, summed up his military knowledge with the following comment: “this is a war, and it is a war in which the enemy is being brutal and the only way to stop them is with force.” He added that drones were a “vital element of our effort.” Even as he spoke, a crowd of 5,000 Afghan civilians were marching in protest against American troops who they blamed for being responsible for suicide bombers that killed children.

Joe, the war in Afghanistan will NOT be won by drone planes. It will NOT be won by bombs and troops. It will be won when the people of Afghanistan have a functioning economy, a government run by honest and effective leaders, and their own well trained army. Force, in itself, will not “win” this war. It requires both economic, social, leadership and military force. Sorry, the last person the USA needs to provide testimony on military policy is the weasel who lies and stabs friends in the back and he is known as Joe Lieberman.