Joe Biden Terms Assange A Terrorist

Vice President Joe Biden, along with a few other politicians, is furious at actions of Wikileaks and its founder, Julian Assange. He raised the difference between Assange having some stranger dump the papers in his lap versus his effort to collaborate with a member of the US military in order to secure the famous leaked documents. “I would argue that he is a high-tech terrorist.” These days, the term, “terrorist” is readily employed to describe actions of someone you believe acted incorrectly. Just about every definition of the word, “terrorist” links it to action by an individual or group which direct violence against others in order to secure achievement of their goals. Many cite actions in which an individual employs violence against innocent people in order to force those in power to alter policy.

Julian Assange might be guilty of numerous crimes, but he does not fit the definition of “terrorism.” He has never tried to force any group, nation or individuals to adhere to his views. He published information–that is all. If anyone is to blame it is the individual who wrote something in an email that he regrets writing. Enough of terrorism, deal with those working in the diplomatic corps.