Joe, Blows His Stack!

Joe Stack left his luxurious home, got into his plane, took off, zoomed into the sky, wandered over Austin, Texas and then headed down towards a building that housed the Internal Revenue Service which he intended to blow to hell. He was distraught, angry, disturbed and in an upset mood due to problems he was encountering with the IRS over taxes. “I have all I can stand,” he proclaimed to the world. “I choose not to keep looking over my shoulder at big brother while he strips my carcass.” Actually, he was not only angry at the IRS but at the Catholic Church, Wall Street and God knows who else. This was one mad man.

A constant refrain in his complaints was against Big Brother, organization or institution. I am certain he soon will be declared a Saint by Tea Party ranters. Perhaps, the solution is for all Tea Party angry protestors to get in planes and head toward the Middle East where they can send their planes into al-Qaeda headquarters. In this way, we can get rid of those who are angry and have them kill other angry individuals.