Joe Is The Law In Arizona!

Maricopa County in Arizona has elections but for over twenty years it has been ruled by the presence of County Sheriff Joe Arpaio who regards his handling of prisoners, and particularly his approach to the so-called rights of those of Hispanic heritage as based on the ideas and constitutional views of the sheriff himself. Joe and his deputies have repeatedly engaged in racial profiling and disregarded rights guaranteed under the Constitution because Joe alone decides what is meant by that document, not some damned liberal minded judge. US district Judge Murray Snow has ordered Joe and his chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan to appear in court and explain how they have disregarded federal mandates to cease and desist from racial profiling and respect rights of those accused of crimes. Joe believes that when he or his deputies arrest someone, they are guilty as charged.

Judge Snow wants video cameras installed in police cars to ensure there is visual evidence as to what occurs when people are arrested. He wants police to undergo training as to how to respect the rights of citizens. There is a video available in which Sheridan is telling fellow deputies “that tells you how ludicrous this crap is” when referring to material about rights. As far as Joe is concerned, the court of Judge Snow, ‘this is not a court of law.”