Joe Just Ain’t Telling The Truth

Vice President Joe Biden told the media American foreign policy was based on the concept that US forces would be out of Afghanistan by 2014. “We’ll be starting in July of 2011, and we’re going to be totally out of there, come hell or high water by 2014.” He insisted the Taliban has been “significantly degraded” and “we’re making progress on all fronts.” Great to hear such optimistic news, but the issue is whether words can be translated into action. Yes, the Taliban has been forced out of areas in southern Afghanistan, but reports indicate they have relocated to northern areas of the country. Yes, we can force the Taliban to get out of Khandahar, but can we get them out of their save havens in Pakistan?

Biden promises there will be no US troops in Afghanistan in 2014, come hell or high water. But, what if General Petraeus or some other general insists there is need for US troops, will they leave?

The presence of US troops in Afghanistan in 2014 is one bet I would love to make with Joe Biden.