Billionaire Joe Ricketts is developing a smear campaign that will be used to defeat Barack Obama. He is willing to spend over $20 million-or whatever is needed– in order to prove Barack is a “metrosexual, black, Abe Lincoln.” I assume by being linked with Abraham Lincoln, this means Obama wants to seize private property and financially wipe out honest decent God fearing slave owners of what belongs to them!! First, they came for our slaves, next they came for our homes, then they came for our virgin daughters, and next they came for our church!

Ricketts wants to make  Americans understand that Barack Hussein Obama is linked to Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the theory of  black liberation. I get confused by Ricketts. First, he claims Barack Obama is a Muslim, next he claims Obama is influenced by a  Christian minister. Oh, I get it. Black Christian ministers are working with al-Qaeda to destroy America and create a Christian — Muslim nation!