John Beohner On Solving Unemployment

A major problem confronting the American people is failure of the current administration led by the black dude from Africa to adhere to the sound economic ideas of Congressman John Boehner. Barack Obama simply refuses to listen to a man who understands how to get this economy moving again in such a fashion as to provide jobs for each and every person. The US Senate by a 60-37 vote, including several Republican votes, passed legislation that would extend benefits for t he unemployed at least until April. Now, it is up to the Republican controlled House of Representatives to provide financial aid to those without jobs whose jobless benefits have run out. House leader John Boehner understands that providing financial assistance to those lacking work simply will destroy the economy. If people have money and can provide for their needs to eat and pay the rent it results in refusal to look for a job. Make certain it is either starvation of work at McDonald’s for $7.50 an hour and you can guarantee any intelligent person will head for the hamburger place.

Mr. Boehner wants President Obama to come up with a plan “to help put people back to work.” He fears that unless there is “the independence that only comes from finding a good job” then people will take the money and sit at home watching TV or playing with their iPads. Why isn’t Obama a job creator? Why doesn’t he understand that reducing taxes on the wealthy is the only way to create jobs! End taxation on our wealthy and they will purchase yachts and put people back to work! Follow the yacht economic strategy to restore jobs in America!!