John Edwards, Victim Of A Bitch!

I once admired John Edwards because he appeared to have genuine interest in the working class of this nation. I once admired a political leader willing to take on those with wealth and power. Alas, that was then, and now I know the truth about this skirt chasing excuse for a man. His wife was dying of cancer and he was conducting affairs even though having little children. I do not believe having an affair makes a man or a woman to be an evil person. There are times when an affair is valid, and times when it is not.  A wife with cancer and two  small children is certainly he wrong decision at the wrong time.

Reille Hunter, one of the paramours of Edwards just published a book which blasts Elizabeth Edwards as a “bitch,” a “witch on wheels,” a bit “crazy” somewhat  “bonkers.” I guess she was all of these descriptions. As one who worked through cancer, I hate to tell Ms. Hunter that the disease is rather frightening and can result in bizarre reactions by those unfortunate to get it.

Frankly, I am tired of John Edwards to got money for his run at the presidency from people and used the money to pay off his mistress. John, we suggest getting a barber who cuts hair for $20 a head.