John Kerry Seen In Washington!

This intrepid reporter is able to report a breaking story that has yet to be published in any American media outlet. We can now confirm that American Secretary of State John Kerry is definitely in Washington D.C.! I realize this will come as a shock to people in the Middle East since he apparently spends his days shuffling between Turkey to Israel to Saudi Arabia to Jordan back to Israel where he sees Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu who regales our diplomat with demands that Palestinians recognize Israel as a “Jewish state” and then must shuffle off to President Abbas who argues that one fifth of Israel is composed of Muslims and Christians so how can it be a “Jewish state” and then back to Saudi Arabia where he listens to complaints about US failure to bomb Syria. Anyway, he has decided to take a vacation from his life in the Middle East and spend some time in America with those foreigners.

Put it this way, if you were an American government employee would you prefer being in America and appearing before a Congressional committee which has members of the Tea Party or would you prefer being in Cairo watching police beat the hell out of students? Which is more interesting? Who in their right mind would turn down a meeting with Bibi Netanyahu which compels Kerry to sit with his back to the wall in order to prevent a knife going into it? It’s fun and games and the same conversation when John is in the Middle East.

Anyway, welcome back, John!