John McCain And The Politics Of Politics

Senator John McCain has a burr up his ass, and he will fight to his death in order to prevent those gay and lesbian soldiers from being allowed to die for their country. The senator from Arizona is engaged in a fierce fight against another Republican in order to gain the senatorial nomination of the Republican party in his state which means sink to the lowest possible level in order to gain votes. McCain made clear to Democrats that he would hold up passage of the 2011 defense budget bill unless there is an agreement to include in it provisions that prevent repealing the ban against gays and lesbians serving in the military as well as provisions to ban use of abortions in military hospitals. If I understand the former member of the armed forces, if a female soldier seeks to have an abortion, he wants that right to be denied. She can risk her life for the nation, but John McCain will not allow her to risk offending him and his sensibilities.

We once admired and respected John McCain, but his opposition to respecting the rights of those who serve–and possibly die– this nation makes a mockery of his claims to support the armed forces. A man or woman who serves and risks their lives should be respected–regardless of whether they are gay and lesbian. Whatever happened to the old John McCain?