John McCain Exudes Confidence In Iraq Victory

Senator John McCain continued his whirlwind tour of the Middle East and Europe by arriving in Grreat Britain to announce that al-Qaeda was on the run and he was running straight for victory in the coming November election.He told Prime Miister Gordon Brown, “With all due respect I remained concerned about the situation in Basra. There ae different factions which have taken over certain areas. Everybody know that, it’s not a secret.” His comments were in reference to the decision of the Brown government to withdraw British troops from southern Iraq. As part of his desire to come across as a man who could get along with world leaders, McCain was mum about British plans to withdraw even more troops from Iraq.

Sentor McCain acknowleded the British people have been “frustrated by sometimes our lack of progress in both areas(Iraq and Afghanistan).” However, he assured one and all tht things would improve once he is in charge.

Part of the problem with such hurried trips to critical areas and pronouncements about success or failure is providing an impression talking with a few top leaders will provide insight into the issues at hand. McCain never spoke directly with President Abbas– he had a telephone chat– but spend considerable time with Israel leaders. He never spoke with other Arab leaders like President Mubarak of Egypt. However, there were plent of photo ops to be used in the November election.