John McCain, From Hero To ?

John McCain was an American hero who confronted and triumphed over incredible torture and pain during his imprisonment in a Vietnam prison during the Vietnam war. He could have ended the brutality by pretending to accept statements demanded of him by his Communist torturers but refused on ground that his honor as member of the military forbid doing or saying anything that besmirched personal or American honor. Fast forward to his career in the US Senate. For years, McCain boasted that he was a “maverick” who stood alone against his own party if the cause was just. On numerous occasions he indicated his desire to work for a revision of our immigration policy and emphasized we had to identify a plan that allowed illegal immigrants to become part of the nation.

Today, the man of 2010 is not the man of the past. He will say or do anything even if it means besmirching his honor or that of his nation. McCain publicly endorsed the Arizona law which tramples the rights of Hispanics in this country and, most probably, is unconstitutional. John McCain, you are no John McCain!