John McCain-Is He Cain? He Sure Isn’t Able!

There is no doubt John McCain is an American. There is no doubt John McCain suffered in Vietnam as a prisoner of war. There is no doubt John McCain is a proud Republican. There is no doubt John McCain believes the Republican administration has lied to the American people, been responsible for corruption, and failed to develop an energy program. There is no doubt when it comes to waving the flag, John McCain can wave a larger flag, wave it more rapidly, and wave it indefinitely. However, the unanswered question is, if John McCain is running “against the government” how can he run against himself? How can a man who voted for the present government 95% of the time claim he is against what he voted to support?

His speech once again raised questions as to whether John McCain ever listens to what he says during a speech.
1. Senator McCain insisted he wanted to end “big government.” However, after complaining about inept schools and inept teachers, he emphasized as president he would take care of those teachers. How can a president have any say over teachers unless he wants to make the federal government a guardian of schools?
2. Senator McCain warned of the dangers of “big government. After issuing that warning, he went on to promise government would help workers get jobs!
3. Senator McCain blasted corruption and lies in government. After making such statements, he insisted President Bush had done a good job of leading the country. If government is lying, isn’t President Bush responsible for the executive branch?
4. Senator McCain made clear he is against “big government.” However, he insisted the government would launch a massive program to deal with energy!
5. Senator McCain complained nations of the world do not trust America. Well, John, the Executive branch is in charge of foreign policy and your good friend George Bush is in charge of it. So, are you saying supporting George Bush these past eight years was wrong?

It is doubtful if anyone can recall anything about his speech other than he loves America, he loves the flag, and he is against big government.