John McCain Now Enemy Of Republicans!

Senator John McCain during his career in the US Senate has worked with members of the Democratic Party even though in disagreement with their ideas. McCain is a graduate of Annapolis who was educated to believe in “duty, honor and country.” He finally lost his temper with members of the Tea Party who are proposing weird ideas like a Constitutional Amendment to balance the budget at a time when the nation only has a few days to avoid default on our debts. He termed Tea Party members as “hobbits” and noted they supported crazy candidates like Shirley Angle in Nevada and Christine O’Donnell, the former believer in witches, as serious candidates for public office. His comments infuriated Tea Party members of Congress. Congressman Joe Walsh responded in anger; “It’s bizarre and insulting for a guy like John McCain who’s been here for so long. “It’s politicians like him that have gotten us to this point where we have a government we can’t afford.”

Of course, it is politicians like Joe Walsh who voted or supported wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, who voted tax cuts without accompanying reduction in government expenditures who got “us to this point where we have a government we can’t afford.”