John McCain Plays The Israel Scare Card To Jewish Groups

Speaking before a meeting of the Presidents of Major american Jewish Organizations, Senator John McCain trotted out typical Republican scare tactics to gain support for the Bush Iraq war. He warned if the United States withdrew from Iraq, the terrible Iranians would step in to fill the void. “All of the conflicts in the Middle East are connected, they are all part of the rise of Islamic extremism, if we succeed in Iraq,other countries will be more inclined to help us and this will take the pressure off Israel.” McCain has repeatedly warned that unless America ‘wins” in Iraq, that nation will become a safe haven for terrorists. He told the audience what they wished to hear that creation of a Palestinian state was an “ultimate end.”

For some obvious reason, Senator McCain did not mention the fact there were no terrorists in Iraq until the United States invaded that nation, threw out Saddam Hussein, and botched up the post war situation. Iran was the sworn enemy of Iraq and vice versa until America turned everything around. The Israel-Palestinian conflict does not have to wait until America “wins” in Iraq –whatever “winning” means– but must be addressed right now. McCain is playing to emotions just as he now goes around playing to right wing religious emotions in America. Jewish leaders should be hearing from the senator about the importance of supporting current peace meetings and leave Iraq out of the equation. For some reason, McCain never explores an alternative scenario –will the resolution of the Palestinian-Israel conflict help in restoring peace to Iraq?