John McCain Talks Tough On Iran

Senator John McCain is aware his opponent is wandering across the Middle East so what better than some rhetoric about standing tall for Israel. His interview with Channel 2 was given just a few hours before Barack Obama arrived in Israel. Senator McCain expressed his hope that Israel would not have to launch an attack on Iran. “I would hope that Israel would not feel threatened” because Western sanctions would impose painful consequences on Iran. But, the Arizona senator made clear to the people of Israel, “I have to look you in the eye and tell you that the United States of America can never allow a second Holocaust.”

Senator McCain, who has sharply been critical of comments by Barack Obama regarding his intention to engage in negotiations with Iran, indicated his present position is to pursue low level negotiations before seriously considering any military options.

McCain insists there must be preconditions for talks with Iran. One would assume that stance is favored by just about anyone interested in diplomatic interactions with another nation.