John McCain-Throw Rice At Her!

Senator John McCain never met a war he did not like, unless one recalls the one in which he fought that resulted in years of prison and torture for this brave man. He has been non-stop in blaming US Ambassdor to the UN, Susan Rice, with lacking the will and determination to fight against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. So, what happens? Susan Rice told the media of her anger at the United Nations for failing to suppor the people of Syria in their struggle against Assad. She praised those who fight in almost the same words as thos spoken by McCain.

“I think we have seen in this region of the world and many other parts of the world that these struggles can be costly but rarelly can I think of an instance in recent history where at the end of the day.. the unified aspirations of a people for freedom and to chart their own future are ultimately suppressed.”

Sorry, Ms. Rice, how about the Congo or China or Rwanda and other areas of the world??