John McCain– Wrong Voice At Wrong Time

Senator John McCain apparently intends to make Iraq a key point in the coming presidential election. He believes the success in Iraq is persuading Americans the invasion was the right policy and his most probable opponent, Senator Barack Obama, lacks experience in dealing with foreign policy issues. There are several flaws in McCain’s argument concerning his knowledge of foreign policy, particularly regarding the Iraq war. A basic McCain assumption is Iraq is moving toward stability and maintaining US forces for an indefinite period is the right course of action.

Mike McConnell, America’s top intelligence leader, told Congress yesterday the Karzai government of Afghanistan only controls about 30% of the nation with the remainder under the sway of tribal chieftains or the Taliban. Six years– two longer than our involvement in World War II–of relying on military strategies has resulted in what former NATO commander, General James Jones, terms a “failed state.” The United States needs a president who will explore non-military strategies instead of continuing the present flawed military approach. John McCain would perpetuate the current approach and add four more years to the six already expended.

John McCain is a patriotic American who spent years in the military and it is not surprising he views the military as key to victory in Iraq. McCain was furious at the Obama suggestion of meeting, without preconditions, with Iran’s leaders. Senator Obama’s approach makes more sense than that of McCain who is embued with Bush feelings of hate towards Iran. Iran must be involved in any process that will restore stability to Iraq. The Iranian government already has excellent relations with Iraqi leaders. A John McCain in the presidency would hamper efforts to engage a broad spectrum of Muslim nations in an effort to attain conditions for peaceful development of Iraq.

No one doubts the patriotism or bravery of Senator John McCain. He is simply the wrong man at this time in history to assume leadership of America if we are to move toward creating a stable Middle East. We have to turn away from use of large scale American forces and allow Muslim nations to provide any soldiers necessary in establishing stability. We have to engage all factions, without preconditions, in dialogue leading to peace.

A McCain presidency would simply perpetuate American military involvement all over the world. The 21st century must move away from unilaterial use of force and create multi-national military forces whose goal is peace, not war. Barack Obama has greater experience than John McCain in peacemaking. He grasps the importance of engaging angry violent forces in dialogues of conflict resolution. That is a concept which is foreign to the military minded John McCain.

  • journeyer58

    Sen. John McCain, what a choice for the Republicans for their nominee for the presidency of the United States. Sen. McCain, long known as a war horse of the most obvious kind, is without doubt the worst candidate they could have put forth. Sen. McCain’s long and historic service to this country is laudable but we cannot stand to have another 4-8 years of failed policies that do not take into account the fact that we do not negotiate with our friends but with our enemies. Sen. McCain, can only hope that Sen. Clinton is the choice of the Democrats for between them he would be the better candidate. Yet we have a clear choice, not a choice of the lesser of two weasels(credit to Scott Adams). With the destabilization of a region-the Middle East-that was mostly our fault for going after a man that “was a tyrant” we brought into the fight the insurgency of many nations that had grudges against the US for its hegemonic influence with money, culture and education. In America, we held the edge because of the freedom of thought and faith, that without which this country cannot and will not exist. America is not a homogeneous land that can enforce a single, state-sponsored faith. Neither can we afford to have religious litmus tests for office, as we are currently having in the presidential primaries. But for pandering to the most extreme among us, the award goes to Sen. John McCain, he has courted the far right-wing fundamentalist “Christians” by giving into their demands for many on the most obvious platform ideas. War is not a constant, America does not prosper on the back of war as has been postulated by many of the right. And we cannot sustain a prolonged conflict with an enemy that would only be too glad to kill, because of faith, innocent men women and children, who have nothing to do with the conflict that is being waged. So many things to say about John McCain so little time to say it. Suffice it to say that if Sen. McCain is elected we will see the decline of the US speed up rapidly and without a driver, plunge headlong into the abyss of third world nation status, for all but a few of our citizens.

  • Fred Stopsky

    You are absolutely correct in your observations. He would be both a disaster for America and the world.