John McCain– You Have Met The Enemy And He Is You!

Each passing day witnesses the self destruction of John McCain who has made the voyage from being a man of principle to a man who would violate any principle in the name of getting a vote. It was bad enough when he flip flopped on the issue of illegal immigrants in order to pander to an electorate that lacked any desire to adhere to the US Constitution. The man who last year worked with Democrats in an effort to develop a plan for dealing with illegal immigrants shouted his welcome to the new Arizona law which allows people to be halted on grounds they look suspicious.

But, his comments concerning the Times Square bomb maker makes John McCain come across as the moral and intellectual inferior of Glenn Beck. Even as Beck was explaining to a confused FOX NEWS team why the police were right in reading the suspect his Miranda rights, John McCain made himself a fool by stating: “reading him the Miranda rights was a mistake!” This from a man who took a solemn oath when entering the military service to obey and protect the Constitution. John, we hardly know ye today!