Joie de Vivre For All?

We live at a time when wild shouting ranters roam the streets of America pouring forth their vile anger at one and all. President Nicolas Sarkozy of France believes it is time to rethink the meaning of what constitutes a successful economy and introduce the idea of happiness in the lives of a nation’s population. Sarkozy urges the “cult of figures” and the “cult o the market” should cease being the only criteria for evaluating what constitutes an economy of a nation. How about “joie de vivre” in the daily lives of people since the end goal of success is happy people who live longer lives.

How about a Gross Domestic Happiness figure which measures the well being of people instead of only measuring money and exports work? Heck, in the UK, they are trying to evaluate schools on the basis of how happy children are in learning so why not measure happiness. After all, happy people live longer than those who are sad.