Join Border Patrol And See The World

Martha Garnia has discovered a way in which one can be hired at a regular salary in the Border Patrol and be able to purchase to very large homes, two Hummers, a Cadillac and take a few trips around the world on cruises. This comes across as reasonable behavior, after all, according to the Tea Party we need more people in the Border Patrol in order to help protect the American economy. I didn’t realize until reading about Ms. Garnia what the Tea Party meant regarding having more people in the Border Patrol in order to safeguard our economy. Heck, if we can hire a few more thousand Border Patrol people, car sales would zoom, the tourist sector of our economy would show dramatic results and prosperity would return to the nation. OK, so maybe a few Border Patrol people hang around with drug dealers, so what. Christine O’Donnell hangs around with witches and no one says there is anything wrong. In fact, the Tea Party regards her as the embodiment of what this nation needs –God fearing Americans who dance at witch ceremonies in the company of Border Patrol personnel.

Is there anything wrong with this story? Makes sense to me.