Join The Army Meet Drug Dealers!

In the old days, one joined the armed forces in order to see the world, these days one may join the army in order to visit a local drug dealer. British military police are investigating reports that soldiers have been involved in the drug trade with Afghan drug dealers. Several months ago the London Times cited an example of a drug dealer who claimed British soldiers were the second largest purchasers of drugs after foreign drug lords. He also went on to say British soldiers “were carrying these drugs in the military airlines and they can’t be reached because they are the military.” A spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense claims they have heard about such stories, but, as of this date, they have yet to have been provided any evidence that supports the claims.

I have nothing against UK soldiers making a few bucks off drugs. Heck, the entire Afghan government is in an alliance with drug lords so why shouldn’t those fighting in Afghanistan get some of the action?