Jokes Not Sharia-Nor Kosher!

A persistent theme during the Arab Spring is lack of a sense of humor among those involved in this process. Each time someone draws a cartoon or cracks a joke one or another cleric invokes Mohammed in order to prove laughing is a serious matter. A French magazine published a cartoon biography of the Prophet Mohammed. The object was to disseminate information, not to disparage the life and work of Mohammed. A Turkish deputy in Parliament declared to the world that “swearing, insulting and showing disrespect for people’s faith is not  freedom of expression.

There have been several comic book attempts to describe the Holocaust and those who designed these stories were not bent on insulting Jews or those who suffered. It was simply an attempt to convey serious ideas via a comic approach.  Actually, it was an educational  enterprise, not an attack upon the Muslim faith.

It is time to loosen up and allow other than serious attempts to explain the Muslim faith.